Immigration News
29 Feb 2024
Changes to eTA and visitor visa requirements for Mexican citizens
20 Feb 2024
Canada’s Parents and Grandparents Immigration Hits New Record In 2023
15 Feb 2024
Canada has introduced new changes to Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) effective February 15
20 Nov 2023
New humanitarian pathway for Colombian, Haitian and Venezuelan foreign nationals launches today
20 Nov 2023
Reuniting resettled Yazidis and other survivors of Daesh with their families
31 Oct 2023
Transforming our immigration system to build a stronger Canada
01 Nov 2023
Notice – Supplementary Information for the 2024-2026 Immigration Levels Plan
06 Nov 2023
Refugee sponsor groups can now apply through the permanent residence online portal
06 Nov 2023
Program delivery update: Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Criteria: Certificate of Qualification
03 Mar 2022
Canada to welcome those fleeing the war in Ukraine
21 Jul 2021
Canada’s borders will reopen for non-essential travel on August 9th, 2021
20 Jul 2021
IRCC to accept a record number of applications for the 2021 Parents and Grandparents Program
21 Jul 2021
COVID-19 restrictions while traveling abroad.
14 Apr 2021
Great News for Students and Foreign Workers!!
12 Feb 2021
We are not a recruiting agency!
13 Feb 2021
The lowest Canadian Experience Class (CEC) score since the express entry program created!!!
11 Jan 2021
Canada Announces New Policy to Help Former International Students
30 Jan 2021
Canada Travel Restrictions
18 Jan 2021
Our office continues to operate as usual with special measures
05 Jan 2021
IRCC has begun sending invitations to apply for the 2020 Parents and Grandparents Program
27 Oct 2020
Additional points in Express Entry to help increase Francophone immigration outside Quebec
07 Jul 2020
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Travel restrictions, exemptions, and advice
22 Apr 2020
International students in Canada are able to work more than 20 hours per week
12 Jan 2019
29 Dec 2018
Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship will be open on January 2nd, 2019
26 Mar 2018
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC) will never do these things:
26 Mar 2018
We've reached over 12,000 fans on Facebook!
13 Feb 2018
Atlantic Province Nova Scotia nominates more than 1,400 immigrants in 2017
13 Feb 2018
Canada ranked first for quality of life in 2018 Best Countries survey
13 Feb 2018 is your new source for all you need to know about Tech and AI in Canada
13 Feb 2018
Alberta proclaims increment in the nomination intake for 2018
13 Feb 2018
Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream issues new NOIs to eligible candidates
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